Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tempo Run and Circuit Training.

I got to the gym late for my weight training session. i was not feeling it, so I opted to just do a circuit on the machines. It was a full body of 8 different exercises. 3 sets of 10. I have been so tired lately! I am happy that I pushed through it though.

Next on the agenda: 4 mile tempo run at running club. EEEEK!! The last time we did tempo run was when I had an "episode". No major episodes tonight, but I plan on calling the doc tomorrow just to ease my mind.

The first 2 miles was at warm up pace- 9 minute miles. The next 4 was to be at tempo. My group of 3 ladies decided to run between 7:45 and 8 minute miles. This is how it went.

Mile 1- 7:45 ( felt good-it actually felt closer to an 8 minute pace)
Mile 2- 7:45 ( I fell back a bit, but caught up half way into this mile)
Mile 3- 7:50 ( We had one big hill that seemed to slow us just a bit)
Mile 4- 7:30 ( made up for mile 3! 1 minute left to go and my breathing got labored--calling Doc!)

2.2 mile cool down at a 9 minute mile pace. All in all the workout was great. I know my tempo pace is about a 7:35, but I feel at this point in the game I would be setting myself up for failure! Maybe next week when the tempo run is 5 miles I will have more confidence. I hope to see the Doc before then too.

My husband asked me if Amara could run a 5k in May....any opinions on that?? She has participated in a 1 mile fun run last year and ran the whole thing-I think she stopped once for about 10 seconds. She also did a 200 meter race last year-she was upset it was not longer! Just wondering any opinions on the matter of her running 3.1 miles!


Krystal said...

Logan ran 2.5 miles with me in the fall and he was only 4 1/2. we stopped for a couple short walks so he could sip some water.

i think if she knows it's perfectly fine to have to walk once in a while, amara would be ok doing a 5K. i'd try to run a mile or two with her a couple times a week until then, though.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a fabulous idea! Children are wayyyyy too idle and unhealthy in our society, make that in our WORLD! They groan when they have PE days at school, the piss and moan when Mom or Dad suggest a walk after dinner. They get upset when they are told to turn off the video games and go outside and play! It's farkin' ridiculous! Nothing wrong at all with getting her involved in something like that....if she wants to and seems like she's enjoying it, what the heck? I say go for it! :) XOXO GUNZ

MarciaG said...

Thanks gals!
We did train for the 1 mile run last year. I would pick her up from school and we would head to the park and then jog home.
The 5k is the first week of May. Matt would do the actual race with her since I will be running the 25k( hopefully) that day.
I agree with you 100% Lisa. I am thankful that her school even has gym 1x/week, and that she enjoys it! Kids today! ;-)

MarciaG said...

Amara is pretty excited to run the 5k. Now I want to do it with her! I hope someone is there to get some pictures of her.....