Saturday, March 13, 2010

Giveaway WInners, Thursday, Friday and Saturday recap

It's been a while!

First the winners of the Stuffitts giveaway were contacted already: comment 5 and 3! Thanks for entering!
I have still been feeling a little bit off since my Hyper Tuesday run. It might be all in my head, but I think tomorrow will tell me for sure. I have not run since that incident. I have done 3 Spinning classes though and I felt fine-for the most past. A little tightness in my chest for a little bit, but nothing major.
Thursday: I thought it was my day off, but I remember that I taught my newest class at 4:15.
I won't have any real days off this week either. Booo! It's my own doing. I could have taken today off....but Nooo!
Friday: Spin instruction. I repeated the class I taught on Wednesday. It was still hard! I stretched for 25 full minutes after class too--ahhhh!
Saturday: Spin class participant. The class is 60 minutes, but the crazy instructor was able to start early and class ended up being 80 minutes long. It was HARD. It was great. Really. I pushed myself after the first 15-20 minutes. I had a hard time getting going for some reason, but after I did..I really got going!
Sun: 50 minutes cardio (easy)
Mon: Spin instruction/Totally Toned instruction/ easy weight circuit @ home
Tue: Run 3.5 miles/Power Yoga
Wed: Spin instruction/Totally Toned instruction
Thur: 3*2*1 class instruction
Fri: Spin instruction/25 minutes of stretching
Sat: Power Spin- 80 minutes

I hope to get back into my weights next week. I might change my program after I do some research on running and weight training. I know it's good for running (even if it was not--I would NOT give it up), but I glanced at an article that stated lifting 1 set of 20 reps?!?! Eeek. Ha. I will try and research it this weekend with all the time I have ( yea right).


Krystal said...

hey i've been meaning to pick your brain on that topic (running and weight training) so please let me know what you find out! i don't want to compromise one without the other, but i don't want to give up either.

MarciaG said...

I'm all over it! I will report back.