Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday-- at least the sun came out!

Yup, it's a Monday. My alarm clock went off late. Miles is my alarm on most day's. He decided to get up almost 45 minutes later than normal. It is probably because he was up twice last night, but that's another story.
I had spin class this morning. The good news is that I planned the class last night. The bad news is I did not have the music set yet. I assumed I would be up at 7:30 AM and would have plenty of time to plan the music. Not the case! Sooooo, after getting both kids in their chairs for breakfast I was able to find some worthy music! We left a bit later than I prefer, but all turned out well. Today's class was an interval style one. It was a loop--we did did 4 loops total. I had them try to make each loop a little more challenging then the last. The first 4.5 minutes was all standing runs...30 second standing run, 30 second rest, 45, and 60 seconds with equal rest. We then did a 20 second sprint with a 40 second rest. Last up was a 2.5 minutes climb. Repeat!
My timing actually worked out and I did not have to add any special "flair" to the end of the last loop. That almost never happens!
Totally Toned was at noon. Today started a new session, but there were no newbies today. I normally start off a bit easier for the newbs, but seeing as there were none today--not so easy! It was fun though. I think. I hope.
I went back to the gym to lift since won't be able to tomorrow-my usual day to lift.
It took all of 20 minutes at the most. Love that!


Circuit A
Squat Jumps
Lateral raises
Plan Jacks
Circuit B
Walk out push ups
Lateral Raises
Box Jumps
Short, sweet and effective!

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