Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday- Spinning Race Day- Sweat Fest.

Today was the day!
The last Monday of the month = Race Day. I feel kind of sorry for the new people that came to class today. Today is not a typical class due to the intensity. I did tell them that and chatted with them afterwards to make sure they were OK and understood......they seemed to, so I hope to see them again. All the bikes were utilized this morning so it was even warmer then normal-we have the fans going-thank goodness. It was hot up in there!
It was a pretty good ride today. I gave more visual cues today the I normally do. We had a few times where I had them "see" a person they wanted to pass and then we sped it up even more for 15-20 seconds. All the hills I had in the race today were short and too the point. Some were steep and some were at a fast pace, but challenging nonetheless. Good stuff.
Totally Toned was in the afternoon. Lots of core again. They seem to
hate/love it--so they say. I just give the people what they want!

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