Saturday, January 16, 2010

A mostly COLD long run with some good tunage!

The weather was kind of deceiving today. It was in the high 20's when I started the run, the wind at my back. Feeling great, even up the 10 minute hill! 5 miles down and it was time for me to turn it around and head back. Holy wind in my face! I was now freezing cold, but still trying to keep up a good pace. Mainly to get back fast and be done with it! My hands did not do well. It took me at least an hour to get the feeling back in some of my finger tips after I got home.

I made a play list ( finally figured it out last night before bed) for today's run with BEP's latest double disk included. It came in handy. I also had some old Incubus (Vitamin) and some Kanye West to keep me motivated (Stronger and Champion are always good for that). I am still learning how to use my iPod, but am liking it so far. I love/hate that it is so small. I am afraid ( so is Matt) that I will lose it. I was tired of how BIG my Rio Mp3 player was though.

I think I got a bit off topic ( weather). For the past 3 long runs I have dressed totally wrong. 2 weeks ago I was under dressed. Last week I was totally overdressed and today I had it right-- until it was time to turn around. I wore a long sleeve wicking top and a vest. On the way back I wished i had more arm coverage. I usually get the whole "how to dress" thing down a week or 2 before it's time to put the winter running gear away! Oh well.

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