Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday..Spinning and Totally Toned-- For sure!

Spin and totally toned were on my To Do list today. Spinning was fun. Another interval type class ,but with more hills then Monday. We also had 5 sprints today which is a lot for me!
Totally Toned went well today too. There are a lot of new faces this session and I want to break them in slowly.... They did say they were still sore from Monday's class, but so did the "veterans".
I am sore from my own lifting from Tuesday. I better get over it because I am back at it tomorrow!
I got new running shoes last yesterday! This might be the first time in a long time that I actually bought new shoes before I needed them! I normally wait until my knees and or hips start to ache and then I wait another 2-4 weeks after that to do anything about it ( cuz I'm smart like that), not to mention the shoes I get cost $100! Thank goodness my Totally Toned class chipped in and got me a gift certificate to my fave running store for $110!! I still have $4 left to go nuts with!! Woohoo!!

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