Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday Recap

My days have gotten so busy!!!
Tuesday- full body circuit training went well. 4x8. ugh.

Split Squat
BB Row

Incline chest press
Chin ups

Dead lifts
Up Right Row

A little bit or core and stretching.

1.6 mile warm up

1 mile fast....1 mile slow x8.
Felt a lot different then doing it on the treadmill!!
Coach had a whistle that he blew every minute...kind of felt like cattle being herded.

Spin class. I was once again out of breath early on in class. I think it is a direct effect from not being recovered from the running speed workout the night before. Hmmm. Not liking that. at. all. I will wear my HR monitor next Wednesday to test my theory.
Totally Toned was good. Lots of sore abs from Monday's class!

That is all!!

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