Thursday, August 12, 2010

Power Train!!

Oh boy. Today is usually my active rest day-- I have been trying to do yoga on Thursday's for an hour. I might also walk on the the treadmill as a slow pace for 15-30 minutes before yoga to get the blood flowing. I subbed a class today called Power Train. It's basically a plyometric class. A whole hour. I have only been a participant to this class once, so I will admit I kind of winged it! I am also going to count today as a weight training session- even though we technically did not use weights. I am going to count it because I did a total of 50 lunge jumps and 50 prisoner walking squats and pulses. My butt is saying to count it as a weight training session so I am!
It was a lot of fun, but also very taxing. I don't teach or take this kind of class on a regular basis and I could tell. I was tired during class! My heart rate was up there and it averaged about 150 during class which is pretty high for an hour long class that has ups and downs.
I did not have time ( and probably the energy) to go back to the gym for the yoga class. I know I needed it this week. I had a pretty active week and my muscles are yelling at me.
We leave for out of town in the morning so it's doubtful that I will reach all of my fitness goals for this week.
Have a great weekend!

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