Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday--Spin (x2). Not doin' the du (insert sad face here)

Monday~ The weather is perfect and gorgeous. I had big plans of jumping into meeting my goals with a nice run this morning! Nope! I slept in until after 8 am. I needed it after a long weekend of wine tasting and low on sleep etc. It's probably for the best that I did not run though.
My first spin class was at 10 am. It went well. I taught a strength interval class--meaning that the heart rate did not go below 75% after the warm up. Whew!

After that I taught Totally Toned and participated for the whole session! I counted today as a full body workout towards my goals.

Chest Press
French Press
Pelvic Lift March
Plank Hold

Plie Squat
Biceps curl
Lat pull down
Wall sit (45 secs-60 secs)
1 arm row

I think this hit every muscle group!

I taught a Spin class again at 6 PM. I taught part of the Tour de France Stage 15 to this group. It was new to them although I have taught it twice now in my morning classes. New groups can be fun and/or intimidating. This seemed like a fun bunch-and they clapped after class which is usually a good sign!

*This coming Sunday is the duathlon. I won't be doing it. I am pretty bummed about it but will be over it in a few days, and then be bummed about it again on Sunday ;-).
2 of my fellow instructors/friends are going to do it. I hear it's a small duathlon, and when I looked up results from last years race-- there was not anyone in my age group! haha.... I would rather have competition, but still!! I would have gone home with a medal for sure! It's not about the medal for me ( I swear). It's more about the journey even more than the end result --always. I love to do well; don't get me wrong, but the memories of the process and training are usually what gets me though the tough portions ( and seeing my kids on the race course).
And well, maybe the medal-but mostly for my kids-they get a kick out of the hard wear!


Krystal said...

blog about TC! Where'd ya go wine tasting? My 2 current fave Michigan wines are both from Chateau Grand Traverse: their pinot grigio and the select late harvest riesling (i swear, it goes with EVERYTHING! We give it as a gift all the time!)

how come no du?

MarciaG said...

I have no idea where we went!! Haha...maybe 5 diferent places. Chateau Grand T. was one of them though! I favor white wines.... some of the semi dry chardonnay's and late season rieslings were my favorites. Matt likes those as well and the ports ( icky). It was a good time and I might go to Meijer ( of al places!!) to look for a bottle soon!

The DU is $90...I better start saving up for next year's!