Sunday, August 15, 2010

On the way to meeting my goals.....(progress so far)


Miles: 12.26
Yoga: 0 minutes total
Weight Training: 2 sessions
Road bike mileage: 21.44 (goal attained!)
Miles : 20
Yoga: 60 minutes total
Weight Training: 3 sessions
Road bike mileage: 20
Ok, so I did meet all my goals. I actually did worse than I thought I would do. Maybe I was too ambitious? Too tired? Or maybe the goals were just too steep since this was not a typical week for me? I think it was a mixture of all of those choices!
I am not even sure I can make goals for this week ( lame) since I have no clue if I am doing the duathlon this coming Sunday. So that in itself makes it hard for me to plan ( lame). So I will post some maybe goals I guess? ( lame). I will call them tentative goals I suppose- I may or may not revise them as plans come about. Good enough. I can adapt. It's like my middle name.
Friday/Saturday/Sunday - OFF. I kind of feel weird about that. We did walk a little bit during the the trip, but not as much activity as I am used to.
Running Miles : 15?
Yoga: 60 minutes total
Weight Training: 3 sessions?
Road bike mileage: 15?

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