Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Race Day Spin......

Monday- Today was Race Day in Spin class. I always tell the participants to take it easy on Sunday and to give it their all on Monday race day. I never follow that advice myself. Until this time! What a difference! I usually workout on Sunday and possibly run a few miles before Spin on Monday. Well, this time I took Sunday off and slept in ( well 7:30 AM) on Monday morning. I did not plan either of those event, but it happens.
This may have been one of my best performances at a race day yet. Close to it. I was able to push myself to the brink and back! My heart rate was high and steady at times and I was able to take it even higher from there. That usually does not happen too often for me. My Garmin says that my avg. heart rate was 153-- that's included in the warm up and cool down AND the 7 minutes after class that I forgot to shut my watch off. So I wonder what it really was....most likely higher than 153 bpm.
Also different this time was the actual ride. I had more flats then hill climbs and I made a point to tell my class that. I think that mentally for non bikers ( not me anymore!!) it's hard to really push yourself on the flat road when you are used to recovering here. Not the case today. My class was rockin' it today!
Today started a new 8 week session for Totally Toned. I have a a bunch of new faces in class. I did the whole workout today too! haha..so there is 1 full body weight workout for me.
Let's see class consisted of the following exercises-- we did a lot of reps with light weights, pulses and so on.

Plie squats (and regular squats)
lat raises (and front raises)
lunges (and more lunges!)
Leg lift series ( lots)
Abs ( about 200 ish)

I hope I did not scare the new peeps away!

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