Sunday, August 8, 2010


Sunday~ 1 mile run on treadmill followed by 40 minute Spin class followed by 1 mile run on treadmill. I also lifted weights for upper body.
My first mile was 8:45 and my 2nd mile was 8:16.

Shoulder Press
Biceps Curl

Chest Press
Reverse Flye

Triceps Ext.
Rotator Cuff stuff

Today's workout was impromptu all the way. I really wanted to do my long run. I really did. I first contemplated doing 10 miles and then 8 and then it was past 12 noon and hot and humid. I then thought to run 5 to six and then ride my bike. Well, I did none of those! Ugh. I was able to get to the gym though and did something-even my measly 2 miles today-- only 18 more to go to reach my goal for this week!

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