Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Just as suspected I was pretty sore this morning. Must be from the over 200 squats I did yesterday. Yup.

Spin today. It was an interval class....first interval set was 9 minutes....set #2 was 6 minutes...set # was 3 minutes....set # 4 was 2:15 and the last set was about 6:30 seconds..I forget. There was a minute of recovery between sets though. It was a tough one today folks!

After that I had big plans of extra cardio ( not sure why) and some weights. I did the extra cardio for about 10 minutes. It was on the elliptical and I was talking the whole time to my friend-- very little resistance. I also talked to her as she lifted weights. I lifted nothing.
Nighty night.
**I have plans for 10 miles in the morning all by myself. Wish me luck.

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