Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday spin and that is ALL.

Well the weight training from yesterday settled in nicely today. OUCH! I am a sucker for pain.
I got up early to teach Power Spin- this time I taught Stage 16 of the Tour de France. It was basically one ginormous hill climb. It was a beast. It was tough, hard and fun. It was a 75 minute long class. I had big plans for myself today too--I had planned to run in the 8k this evening. After waiting around all day ( not literally--I mean I have a husband and 2 kids here), I decided at around 3 pm or so that I was not going to do the race. Letting the weeks workouts settle in after teaching spin so early- racing about 10 hours later did not seem like a great idea. I was slightly bummed, but I felt I best rest since my body is tired and so am I. I don't think I will regret my decision in the morning. I know that this week's training (class, workouts, running and hopefully getting the bike on the road) will be jam packed. I also need to make sure my nutrition and sleep are on the up and up this week as well.

Weekly wrap up:
Miles ran: 6
Road bike: 0
Yoga: 0
Spin classes: 4
Cardio machines: 90 minutes
weight training sessions: 3
I am still not making much progress on the biking mileage or yoga. Dangit!
And my mileage this week for running is pretty piss poor to say the least. It's a good thing I got up and ran the little 3 miles on Monday morning or it would have been even worse!
Goals for upcoming Sunday to Saturday.
I have to be realistic here. My husband and I are planning to be out of town Friday to Saturday evening. That means I will be skipping another long run with the group and somehow need to do it on my own.
Miles to run: 20
Yoga: 60 minutes total
Weight Training: 3
Road bike mileage: 20

I hope I am not getting too cocky with these goals! I think it will help me to get it done though.

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