Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday early morning run and endurance ride.

Monday- today's spin class was a boring endurance one. Ok, well it's only as boring as you make it, right?!??! It was hard. Endurance classes are harder than mot think ( I think). I actually heard it felt like a Race Day! The whole class ( after the warm up) should be at a pace that is between easy and hard. This is hard to understand without a heart rate monitor. So I try to explain to my class that they should not be comfortable during class, but it should be something they could maintain for hours if they HAD to. I think most got the point! It was a good class. I think I lost 6 lbs of sweat and left 3 lbs of it on the floor beneath my bike ( ewww).
My upper body is pretty sore from yesterday's workout. I am liking that feeling again. It's been too long!
My Totally Toned class worked very hard today ( I sat this one out-- don't tell anyone).

I almost forgot.....I ran this morning! Duh. I put in 3 whole miles while my house slept. It was humid already at 6:30 am, but the morning was beautiful. It was painfully hard to run naked (broke iPod), but I managed. It was a slow pace-- 9:19 or something, but my last mile was better than 8:30. Take that! ;-)
I am trying to run more so this was my attempt at that. We will see how the rest of the week goes!

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