Friday, September 3, 2010

Wed-Friday! Spinning mostly- ( no running so far)

Wed-Spin today........26 mins worth of hill climbing.........that is all!
Thurs- Spin today! Ha....I took a class. I also went on the elliptical for about 15 minutes. Tonight was also the first class of an 8 week session of Cardio Sculpt I am teaching. Lots of lunges and other stuff to blast the butt.
Fri-Early morning spin class (repeat of the 6 mins. of hills--what was I thinking?!??!) It was good. I contemplated lifting weights, but was kind of feeling Thursday night's Cardio Sculpt, so I did the elliptical (very easy level intervals) for 30 minutes while I read the new issue of Runner's World. Sometimes my time at the gym is the only way I can read and actually comprehend what I just read.

Too bad I have not put any miles in on the road this week. I was not feeling it and my allergies were sky high and, and, and I suck! :-)
This weekends long run is 12 miles. The high is 63...I cannot wait! Love this weather!!!!!! I sure hope it proves that I was not a total slacker this runing season--and that it was in fact my allergies and the humidity (pleeeease!!!). Wish me luck tomorrow.

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