Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My carpal tunnel seems to be dormant for the time being.......good. It sucks!

Friday- Spin instruction
Sat- OFF
Sunday-Off ( 1 mile walk run with Amara)

Monday- Spin was a good one. 12 minute hill, 10 minutes of fast intervals and another 12 minute hill climb.
Totally Toned

Tuesday- Spin class. This was nuts! I was a participant today and the class was really hard. 5 sets of sprints followed by a 5 minutes hill climb--repeated 3 times.

Wednesday- I am home writing this blog and NOT teaching ( Boo sniff). Miles woke up sounding like a seal it's best not to take him around more kids. He of course barked once this morning and now seems just fine! Better safe than sorry!

I sure hope to do SOMETHING active today. Maybe yoga when he naps?? I need to move!

As you can see, I have not been doing any running. It's been over a week. The half marathon is in less than a month. As it seems, I won't be running with my group this coming Saturday either. Awesome.

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ShutUpandRun said...

Glad your carpal tunnel is better for now. I think you might have passed it on to me :(