Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday stuff!

Well, I actually did not spin today. Can you believe it?!?! I decided to go do my own thing on the gym equipment instead.

20 minutes elliptical
5 minutes step- mill
1 lap around the track
20 minutes on the PreCore cross trainer
20 ish minutes on the treadmill fast walking on an incline.

I ran today. A whole lap (never mind that 7 laps = a mile). I ran today!
I really did not plan on doing as much cardio as I did. Honest. I got into this show on MTV called Buried Life--long story short these guys had this plan to streak at a baseball game. Hilarious. I didn't even care that I was laughing out loud and they were showing blurred out private areas, and that I work at the YMCA. Who cares? It was funny!

I taught my Cardio Sculpt later. I participated minimally again but they needed my eyes to watch their form today. Really. They did a good job! I actually got the workout from Fitness Magazine. I will post it as soon as the site is back up.

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