Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Update + Monday.

Saturday~ perfect weather for running. I was able to wear carpi's and a long sleeve shirt. Already! I love that actually.
12 miles. Or 12 miles of torture. The first half mile was straight up- hill (true story). What a way to warm up! I was running with my middle of the pack friends that were going a bit faster than normal ( or was I slower??). It was kind of hard. One of my slower runner friends showed up and we ended up running together. Now that the run is over I wonder how I could have done/felt if I would have stayed with the fast chicks. Makes me upset at the moment, but those hills kind of took my confidence away- real fast. Too late to find out now. It won't help to dwell on that. Did I mention all the hills????
Sunday~ Road biking with my friend. She just got a sweeeeeet road bike for her birthday. I helped her husband conspire to make it a surprise. We went for a nice 12 + mile ride. She is a natural. I was pretty much eating her dust for most of the ride as I was "teaching" her how to shift and attack the hills. She was like a little kid. I think my legs were toast from the day before--although she was super fast regardless of my excuses!
Monday~ Met my friend again and 2 more for 16 miles on the bikes. Where did we ride you ask...well the same dumb hills that I ran on Saturday, of course! The hills were just as bad too. (probably worse! haha) Ugh. Those downhills scare me.....we were all squealing and breaking as we coasted down them too. It was fun to ride with a group. Sadly, the days of having a bike are getting less and less. The owner will probably want his bike back soon. Boooo! It was good while it lasted! I just need to come up with a plan so I can borrow someone elses bike next spring!

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