Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The 2 hour ride that wasn't and Spin Race Day....

Sunday~ Ready to ride!! Oops, the little valve on my tire/tube thing( picture) has broken off so I need to change the whole tube. Awesome. It only takes us about an hour becuase we have no idea what we are doing! We planned on riding a long distance today. 13.5 miles does not equal long mileage today. Oh well, I am just glad that my buddy Andi had a spare- Lord knows I didn't! It ended up being a nice ride despite the hour beforehand! We did the miles in about 55 minutes.

Monday~ Race Day Spin Day! I tried something new today in class. About half way into the race I had the class "do their own thing" for 5 minutes. By that I mean I told them what to do(ha) only at their own intensity. It was basically explained as 5 minutes of attacks or breakaways...I had them envision their age group rival hot on their butts....every time they got too close they were to sprint away from them. It was a tough 5 minutes if I do say so myself. My heart rate topped off at 178! Crap, that is HIGH!!!!!

The rest of the class consisted of (2) 8 minute progressive climbs and some killer flat roads. I received a few kudos at the end of class today. I am glad I tried something new!

Totally Toned was at noon. I participated in 95% of class...I think I did not do lower back and a few planks. My back hurt! I think I need to stretch...story of my life!

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