Saturday, September 25, 2010


Thursday~ No running! I am ok with it. I think. Maybe not now that I thought of it a bit harder!
I took a Spin class. I decided to go a little bit earlier to warm up. This did the trick-- I was ready when class started and it did not take me the usual 10+ minutes to feel warmed up. I was able to keep my heart rate up higher too. It was a great class.

Friday - Spin instruction. It was a weird morning. I teach spin at 5:30 am on Friday and I average 8 or so people. Today there were 21! I am not sure if it was due to the crappy weather ( super windy although it was 81* at 5 am). For some reason it made me nervous too! I had only 3-4 of my "regulars" and the rest were strangers!! I think the class went well though. I had a good mix of music and the workout was a toughie. It was a 3:1 work rest ratio--that 60 second rest went by fast too!
After class I met my friend to workout a bit more. This is what we did:
20 reps for 2 rounds and 15 reps for the last round...

*jumping jacks with a body bar
*chest press with body bar
*bicep curls
* front raise
* up and downs on the step bench for speed ( 40 reps total)
* squats off the side of bench ( 40 total)
*push ups
*hip circles
*plank variations

It was a good one!
I hope to do something like this every Friday for a while until I get back into running and lifting again!
I am sore today of course!

Saturday- Power Spin. 1 hour class. Good stuff!

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