Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday......4 more sleeps!

Today I taught Y Power X at 6am.
It was plyometrics day again. I will admit that it was very hard for me today for some strange reason. I had an apple and a piece of bread for breakfast. That usually is fine for me. So I am not sure if it had anything to do with my food choices this early morning. I actually got light headed a few times. I will just say it was because I was working extra hard. Yea-that's it!
I really did push the class harder today. The first time we did plyos I took my time explaining the moves, but today it was just a very quick recap and then boom we went into the exercise. They noticed a difference as well. Less chit chat, more work!! That's how I do it...haha.
All in all it kicked my ass. Loved it.
At noon I instructed Totally Toned. I took it easy on myself and did a lot of "observing" today!The class is ok with it as they are excited for my race too!

Good day today. Tomorrow starts the carb load. I did not do so well with my water consumption today as I did yesterday for some reason. I will work on that starting tomorrow fo sho.

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