Monday, October 26, 2009


Today was core day in Y Power X. Good I needed it!
It was a great session. The ONE person that showed up told me so! Too bad for the others-- they really missed out!
After that I taught Spinning at 10am. I did a sort of repeating loop...sort of. 19 minutes of hills and a few fast runs rounded out the class. I threw in some resisted endurance flats for fun.
My last class of the day was Totally Toned at noon. It starts a new 8 week session today and I had a few new faces. I did not plan a class because I was unsure of how many people would show up. I did a lot of reps which is not a usual thing for me. It was a good change of pace I thought. Sometimes I can get stuck teaching a certain way and it's nice to change it up every now and then. I am sure a few people noticed, but most don't even pay attention!
I forgot to mention how sore I am today! Mostly my chest and quads just a little bit. I am glad I did not lift heavy yesterday, but I did not think I would hurt this bad today! Hurts so good...
I am on track to do cardio and yoga tomorrow..I hope I get out of bed for yoga!

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