Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Off Season" Plan

I will just say I am off season for the time being. I am not sure what is in store for Boston. I am not sure I will be running it. I have to figure it out very very soon though. So with that being said here is my new weekly workout. It allows for TONS of flexibility as to each day might hold some surprises. With 2 small kids and hunting season here I have to be flexible!

Full Body training


Yoga OR
Full Body training
Run OR
other cardio

Cardio OR
Off OR
Yoga or Pilates

Yoga OR
Full Body training
Cardio Or

Spin or Kbox

Power Spin OR
Long run

So as you can see that looks like a lot, but with all the OR's included it's a normal load for me!
My plan is to get in 2 full body trainings a week as well as at least 1 yoga session and a possible pilates class. I am incorporating core in my full body trainings already, but I know how much good an actual class did for me. Lots of good! My babies did a number on my core. Have I mentioned that Miles was 10 lbs. 10 oz.? I forget if I ever said that ( ha ha!)
I am trying to take more group exercise classes and run less until I know for sure about Boston. I love running, but I am so paranoid about getting injured that I never run all the time. Even this season I only ran 3 times a week which is not a lot considering. The break from running always does me good. It makes me miss it. I was so over running about 3 weeks before the marathon! I think that is normal though. I was at my peek so that means the coach did his job!

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Blasé said...

I got tired just reading your schedule! Whew!