Monday, October 19, 2009

The day after......

After the marathon I tried to take a nap. Not so successful with that. It was nice to "rest", but there was no sleeping for this gal.
My friend Mary and I (and later TJ) went out for a pitcher of margarita's and a huge ass burrito. I ate the whole thing along with the chips and salsa. Yum Yum! We had a great time reminiscing (ha) about the days events and about who hurt more. I am sure it was me......
I slept from 10:30 pm until almost 9 am. NICE. I find it very difficult to sleep past 7 am usually.
It's kind of hard to walk. My calves, shins, hamstrings, quads and everything else hurts like hell.
I was lucky enough to get a massage today (thanks Matt!) I had no idea how sore my hips were until the therapist worked on them. Oh, it hurt so good!
I am pretty sure I won't be exercising on Tuesday either, but I might try to Spin on Wednesday. We will see though. I plan on stretching and letting my body recover this entire week before easing back into things tomorrow. I am not sure of my game plan for training for Boston yet, but I will come up with something for sure before next month!

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