Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kicboxing to recover???

I thought i might make it to the gym early thins morning with the kids, but Miles decided to sleep in past 9am! I thought he was sick since he gets up at 7:15 am everyday. I think he is teething and or growing. So we missed the gym this morning.
I was not sure if I would go later in the evening, but I ended up going to my favorite 5:30 pm cardio kickboxing class.
I noticed that I was not going all out during class. I probably still need more recovery. Oh well. I still consider this class my recovery even though it can be really intense ( between every song * there are 6* we were instructed to do 20 jump squats-OY!) That's the kind of recovery I am talking about! Ha....
I stretched for about 5-8 minutes after class and called it a day. The instructor noticed I have been MIA for a few weeks ( or was it months?!?!). I told her I had been training for the GR Marathon ( attention people). I told her I would be back for a few weeks so I would please like to have my front row spot back!
I might try to spin tomorrow morning if Miles decides to get up at a decent our!

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