Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday..let the taper begin!

Today was the last long run before the big show. We ran 16 hilly miles in about 2 hours and 2o minutes I think. I did not even time it. I felt really good considering it was COLD and rainy and wet and did I mention the hills?? It's such a weird feeling to be cold and wet, but sweating all at the same time. That was me today. After the rain stopped there was still a chill in the air, but I was dripping sweat. Oh well. That's just how it is.
I am getting anxious and excited for the marathon to get here. 20 more days and then it's over!
I am also getting excited to NOT run. I will probably run a few times ( or one, or none) times a week in the "off" season, but I am looking forward to kicking my workouts up a notch with heavy weights and a different form of cardio. I figure I will be starting up the heavy mileage again in January so the months in between I should give my running muscles and joints a nice rest. I am so paranoid of injury. I am also looking forward to "cleaning" up my eating. I have become guilty of using the marathon as an excuse to eat more. Now I know I should be eating more to fuel my workouts and all that good stuff...but not with skittles and ice cream and coffee drinks! Oooops! So a week after the marathon ( yes , a whole week to prepare! haha) I will start that up. Starting with a cleanse. Kind of looking forward to this. I have never done one so it should be an interesting experiment!

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