Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday workouts and Boston on my mind.

Today was the 60 minute spin class. It was a great one too. Endurance + lactic acid bur class she called it. She was right! What you do it take it to a level that is challenging, but not impossible and keep it there for a certain amount of time. The longest was about 2 minutes which was long enough! Doing this for 60 minutes is tough, but I know how good it is for me. Especially since I take some time off form running long runs ( or at all), things will really help my cardiovascular fitness and leg endurance.

I am still figuring out the whole Boston Marathon thing! I am in need of a sponsor, but not sure how to go about it and quickly!!
I would loooooove to run Boston in 2010, but don't have the means to be able to do it. I knew this going into trying to qualify, but did it anyway and am not regretting it, but still...I want to run Boston dammit! I know that I can do it in 2011 ( save $$ now etc.) but I am not sure where my life will be at the time. I know i will be free this April though!
So if anyone has any thoughts or ideas on how to get FAST sponsorship(s)--please email me:

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