Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Recovering Wednesday.......

I might be almost back to my normal self. I took it easy in my 6am class. It was push up, shoulder and triceps day. I did a lot of observing! The class is a lot stronger and my girl's are attempting push ups on their toes too!! Woohoo!!
At 10 am I took a spinning class. It was a good one. I took it easy here too and pushed myself on a few of the 5 minute hills just to see what my legs could do! They were talking back a bit, ,but not too badly.
I then taught Totally Toned at noon and took it easy again, although I did many lunges and squats. I don't think my IT bands are supposed to hurt while doing those are they?? Oops.....
I plan to be back at it on Monday...full speed ahead!!
I had a personal training client at 6pm. Busy day today fo sho!

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