Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday.....5 more sleeps!

Ok getting even closer. Yahoo!!
I skipped running club tonight and did it on my own.
It was a great day for a run! I felt strong and so ready for Sunday!
The plan was to run a 2 mile warm up with a 3 mile marathon pace run followed by the usual 2 mile cool down
After the warm up I did my 3 miles in about an 8:09 pace--i felt too good to go 8:23! I am hoping this is a good sign! I will take it as such.
I then did my cool down at about 8:30 ish pace! Ugh...ooops! That might not sound to fast to some of the speed demons out there, but I am very conservative with my cool downs! A 10 minute mile is usual for me.
I even stretched after my run and again at home! Go me!

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