Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday.......6 more sleeps!!!

Monday, busy Monday. How I am sick and tired of you.

6am was Y Power Zzzzzzzzzzz...I mean X.
Today was chest and back. A class full of pull ups and push ups. Super hardcore. I am very proud of my students though..they all attempted the dreaded pull up and all were successful. Some were ugly, but I am proud nonetheless!!!

Spinning was at 10am---- fun, hard and one of those classes that looked good on paper, but when it was played out I wonder why I would do that to myself!
After the warm up we went into a 12 minute endurance section....we did a high cadence moderate resistance type of thing. It was kind of brutal. That was followed by a 3 minute recovery time. We then repeated the 12 minute endurance stint. This was followed by a a5 minute higher cadence seated climb. The challenge of this class was to stay seated the whole time. That was hard, but many succeeded! Yay class!

Totally Toned was at noon. We did a few (2) minute circuits of push ups, bicycle crunches and pelvic lifts....3 sets of upper and lower body and some other nonsense. The class really liked the format of today's class even though it was tough.

I might complain about my Monday's here and there( ha!), but it makes it so worth it when the class is there to work. I had that with all 3 of my classes today. It's great to see them working hard and pushing themselves to the max!!

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