Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My body is jut now recovered from Sunday's hilly 20 miler!
I took Sunday completely off.
I taught my usual Monday morning spinning class and was very surprised that me legs were still dead tired. It was only the warm up and I knew I was in for it!!
I tried to sandbag during class, but did not succeed. I had a lot of new faces and had to put on a good performance! We did lots of fast paced intervals, with sprints and endurance. It was really fun.
Late on that same day I taught Totally Toned. More new faces for fall.
Tuesday I saved my legs and only went to running club. We did the usual 2 mile warm up and cool down. The workout was 4 miles at tempo pace. I think I ran mine at a 7:25 ish pace. I was happy with that. The weather was awesome and I did not feel totally dead afterwards. That's always a good thing!
This weekend we have to run only 16 miles. I never thought I would ever think that running 16 miles at a time was considered a light day!

* on a side note. I will finally have a new giveaway soon. I should get it in the mail tomorrow. It will knock your socks off!*

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Christina said...

Psssttt....you didnt know I was here did ya??? *insert evil stalker laugh*

You are still amazing! And 16 miles is NOT a short run! LOL