Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday and Friday and finally getting this race OVER WITH!

Thursday- I ran almost 8 miles indoors. YUCK! I wanted to get it done early, but it is too dark for me to run outdoors alone. I was on the treadmill for 3 miles, ,the indoor track for 2 *7 laps= 1 mile* and then I returned to the treadmill to finish with about 7.75 miles total. I am glad I did it because the kids and I were able to go to the library later in the day when I would have normally been at running club.
Friday- Easy cardio day. 20 minutes increasing resistance on the elliptical. I then did my 2nd full body weight session of the week. Yay!

Circuit #1 reps of 8 x 3 sets, 45 seconds rest between sets
DB shoulder press (15's)
DB biceps curl (15's)
DB squats ( 20's)
Push ups last set I did 6 one leg push ups on each side and some other variations just for fun. Oh and I had to show off a bit in the Big Boys Weight Room!!

Circuit #2 reps of 8x3 sets, 45 seconds rest between sets
DB split squat (20's)
DB SLDL (30's)
DB front raises (12's)
DB tri ext. ( 20)

This is actually the heaviest I have lifted in a long time! I have been using medium to light weights during the marathon training. Don't want to hurt myself or add any extra muscles to slow me down. I never thought I would ever say that! I loathe losing muscle. I worked to hard to watch it disappear!
I know that I can't wait until I can get back in the squat rack and throw some heavier weight around. I will start that after the marathon. That is how it is these days--- Mary and I always say " after the marathon we will_______" kind of sad! This thing takes over lives. I am trying to let it, but I really can't wait until Oct. 19. The day after the marathon!

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