Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday Recap

Tuesday I had running club tonight. We started with a 2 mile warm up and then were told to do a 4 mile tempo run. My tempo runs are around a 7:45 minute mile. I felt really good even though it was probably over 80 degrees! My avg. was about 7:50 a mile. SO happy with that. This was one of my best temp runs to date ( bout time). We ended with a 2 mile cool down. Next up is the 10 mile road race this Sunday. My coach told me to shoot for 7 minute miles. We'll see about that!
Wednesday I made it to the gym today with good intentions of doing 30 minutes of hard cardio followed by a full body lift session. I always seem to have good intentions! I ended up being on the elliptical for 60 minutes. Just yakking away with a friend of mine. The time went by fast, but 45 minutes into it I started getting a light head and weird feeling in my stomach. Sweet. Guess I used up all of my carbs/sugar??? I was pushing hard at times so maybe that's it..who knows. I also did not have any water during this session ( duh). After gulping down half a gallon of water ( not really) I had enough time to do 3 sets of alternating lunges and 3 sets of the seated hamstring curl.
So it was not was i had hoped today, but I must say I still got in a pretty good workout!

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