Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday Recap..

Tuesday- I went to my favorite kickboxing class again. I have not been in ages so it was nice to go again. I stopped going to give my full energy to running on Tuesday nights. I figured since we were only running 6 easy miles that I would go.
Running tonight went well. No pressure. No specific pace to meet. I like these relaxed runs. The biggest downfall about it was the heavy, thick humidity we had to run in. Besides that, the run was nice!
Wednesday- I taught Y Power X this morning at 6am. It was plyometric day. Oh joy. No, this is the type of stuff I love. It was pretty intense. My class of 5 really did a good job and pushed themselves even further than I thought they could!! I teach Totally Toned at noon and I have a client at 6pm. Should be a great day.

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