Thursday, September 24, 2009

Done for the day!

It is always nice to get my workout over by the time it's 8am. Well usually. I had a change of plans due to a certain fisherman. Since I won't be making it to running club tonight I got in done in the morning. Not a huge deal I just had to get up early and run on the treadmill. Yuck.
The workout was 2 mile warm up and a 6 mile run at marathon pace followed by a 2 mile cool down. I did most on the treadmill expect for the 2 mile cool down. I moved on over to the elliptical for that. I needed a change of scenery and I hate the treadmill when the weather is this nice!
I did most of the "workout" miles at an 8 mile pace. I am not convinced this will be my marathon pace though. I wish I was more confident. My coach thinks I am physically capable of doing this pace but he is not sure of my mental readiness. He is right because I have no idea either. Those thoughts get in your head and convince you that you can't do it. I need some positive self talk right about now. I will work on that starting today! So glad to be done for the day! I need a nap.

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Anonymous said...

yay for getting workouts done first thing in the morning. i love morning workouts b/c you get to check something off your list right away! sounds like quite a looong run! great job. :)