Friday, September 11, 2009

Gym time!

I made it to the gym today to meet my partner in crime for a quick great workout.
I know that having a plan is the way to go, but sometimes my best lift sessions are when I think of stuff right on the spot. I think today was one of those days. I am sure I was motivated by my friend as well. I love to workout with someone that actually wants to workout! She is all business just as I am, and we save the chit chat for the rest periods and the end!

We did 2 quick circuits consisting of 4 exercises each and went through both circuits twice. It took just about 30 minutes.

Circuit 1

Squat + shoulder press combo
1 leg dead lifts
push ups
plank + row

Circuit 2
Step ups
alternating lunges + lateral raises
triceps press ( body bar)
bent over flyes

Short and sweet and to the point I think!

After that I did 20 minutes of easy cardio on the elliptical machine.
Roughly 7 hours later I went back to the gym to teach a Spinning class. I taught the same class as I taught on Wednesday ( which was a hard class!), but I tried to go easy on myself. I had my moments of pushing myself very hard, but I kept in mind that I am running 22 miles 12 hours after the class. I am hoping that is enough time for my leggies to recover. If not, oh well I guess!
I better go and stretch and drink more water!!!