Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy Monday!

So the Y power X class was a lot of fun. I think we did about 500 push ups too. There were about 7 different styles and none were the regular military style either. It was CRAZY. We worked shoulders, triceps, chest and abs. The soreness is starting to kick in already. Tomorrow should be awesome.
After that I taught Spinning. It was a fun, ,packed class today. I like to see new faces and the "regulars" as well. Also, with school starting back my old regulars are back. Lots of rolling hills today. They got progressively harder with time. After Spinning I had to teach Totally Toned. I got double the workout today--that could explain why I am so sore already.
All in all it was a great day. Very busy, but that's OK. I better get used to it!

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LIS said...

My god woman! You must eat massive amounts of food to keep up with all that calorie expenditure! Wholly shit! Pardon my potty mouth! I'm still trying to get certified. Just time and money, you know? Which I have neither of right now!! HA! Hope all is well. XOXOX LIS "GUNZ"