Monday, September 14, 2009

Mission Monday

Spin class today was a wild ride. It was a really good class. I have been so ON lately with these!
I did kind of a split class....the first half was all strength. The second half was fast intervals with increasing resistance and short recoveries.
Whew it was great!
I did not even feel the need to do any "extra" cardio today. This class kicked my butt enough.
I taught Totally Toned 2 hours later and I did a core focused class. I wonder if they will be feeling it later. I hope so!
Today was a good day. Food was on and so was my gallon of water!
Great start to the week!

Goals this week are
to run at least 2 times before the 10 mile race on Sunday.
2 full body lifts
stretching for 10 minutes 3 times this week.


vanessa40 said...

Good Luck in your race Sunday..
I know you will do great :)

FitCrazedMomma said...

Thanks V!!!