Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Long Run

Today was a preview of the Grand Rapids Marathon course. Kind of. We only ran 20 miles of it, not the full 26.2.

It was a great route...except for a few snafu's that were just plain annoying.
There were to be 4 aid stations. The first one was at mile 1. Yea....stupid!
The 2nd one was at mile 9 or so. Ever stupider!! Yes, I said stupider.
So by now we are very thirsty and ticked off. The rest of the aid stations were way too close together, but that's better than too far apart as we experienced in the beginning of the run.

Mary and I decided to try and hold a long run pace faster than 10 minute miles. We normally are 10 minute miles at the fastest. We totally blew that out of the water. We averaged a 9:22 pace for the whole time! We both felt REALLY GOOD!!! This gave me a confidence boost for sure. I hope I feel nearly this AWESOME when the actual marathon comes (22 days!!) The weather was beautiful. Overcast, slight humidity but nothing crazy and lows in the 60's. I ended up wearing shorts a tank top and a long sleeve. The long sleeve ended up around my waist at mile 9 ( water station) as I got way too hot by mile 3!

All in all, today's run was a huge success. Afterwards, Mary and I got a much deserved coffee drink and went to the farmer's market for some fresh fruits, veggies and homemade pizza crusts. Great day for a run!

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