Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Bridge Run- 10 mile race

What a perfect day for a race! It started off quite cold, but I decided to forgo the long sleeve because I know i get warmed up rather quickly. It was about 52 degrees at 7am when we arrived, and I was freezing, but by the time 8am hit I was already warm. Just as I suspected!
I went in today's race with a more--have fun and enjoy the run attitude. So unlike myself. In the back of my mind I kept hearing the coach saying " 7 minute miles". Not happening today dude! I wanted to keep one of the faster girls in my sight for the race. I did just that for the first 4 or 5 miles and then I lost her. I simply lost sight of her in the crowd. She ended up beating me by about 2 minutes.
It might have been around mile 3 or so that I saw my husband and kids on the route. This always motivates me to pick up the pace. All the " Hi mommy" talk gets me fired up! They get so excited to see me.
I saw them again on mile 6 which was nice. I will add that this was the first race that I have ever used an iPod ( Thanks Damion, you might not get it back!). I think it helped me since I was not running with friends to talk to or to keep me company.
I might have picked up my pace a touch for the last 3 miles...that or slowed down. I have no idea. It was really fun running through my town and seeing the sights and people. It seemed it was a more relaxed race; not just for me but for a lot of folks. My running buddy may have run her best race to date! So proud of you Mary!!!!!!
I ended up running 1:17:10 which is about a 7:42 pace. This means that I have to slow down 17 more seconds in order to run a 3:45 at the marathon. Seems doable. I think.

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Heather said...

Way to go girl & congrats to Mary on a great race too! I love reading the reports & hope to be able to do races again soon! We are actually talking about training for the Valpo half in the spring. That'll be interesting since the longest runs full smack dab in the middle of wedding stuff but what the heck :) lol

Proud of you girl!