Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gadget Wish List- Garmin 405cx!

What is the best GPS ( for running/fitness) on the market? I think I found one that will fit my needs the best. I have been reading the reviews for a particular GPS for quite sometime now. Most of the reviews are excellent or good. The Garmin 405CX with HR Monitor is probably the coolest GPS for running and fitness that I have seen. I love it because it's just one piece ( well the HR monitor would be 2 pieces). I don't have to wear anything on my shoe or an armband in order for it to work. It also has a HR Rate monitor which I need now. Mine has been broken for at least a year or more now. I think I last used it while pregnant with Miles. Anyway, the Garmin 405cx:

Loaded with serious training features, Forerunner 405CX continuously records your time, distance, pace, calories burned and heart rate.

And advanced training features will challenge you to step up your pace race against Forerunner's Virtual Partner Forerunner

405CX comes with a flexible, wireless heart rate monitor to help you make the most out of your training.

With Forerunner 405CX, you can share your locations, advanced workouts and courses wirelessly with other Forerunner 405 users.

Once you've logged the miles, innovative ANT+ wireless technology automatically So you can see why I would want this!! It's so cool. My old GPS is about 5 years old now and it shows. It works when it wants to which is not convenient for me on my training runs. Actually, it's very annoying! It just shuts off when it feels like it. Not good. These GPS for running are expensive, but worth it since I would never take it off-ever!

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