Sunday, August 30, 2009

20 miles!

Whew. I was not sure I was going to make this one!
My crew and I headed out at 6am to get in 4 miles before we met with the other's at 7 to run a total of 20 miles on Saturday morning.

Like last week, this long run was very hilly. One of the hills was 1.5 miles in duration. It was a killer. I did not love to hate this one. I just hated it plain and simple! For some reason the first 5 miles or so ( the second time around) was the most difficult. I usually hit a wall towards the end, not the beginning. I was seriously yelling at myself in my head because I was not sure that i would make it. Just as quickly as those thoughts entered my head, they vanished and I forgot all about it until around mile 15 or 16. I told my running buddy about it and she had the same thoughts! But we made it. It was an awesome feeling to be done. I hurt all over. My joints ached ( I know I need new shoes!) and my butt must have been working over time getting me up those hills because it felt like I had been doing weighted squats all day. Nope, just running!
It was a perfect day for running. A very cool day for August, but very welcoming for running that distance. The day actually got cooler not warmer and we ran through a few light sprinkles.
I guess the countdown is on- 48 days away or 7 weeks. That is going to be here in no time at all. I should probably sign up.....

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