Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to normal....

Ok now that I am feeling pretty much back to normal ( whatever that means)......
I was able to get in a pretty good workout on Tuesday. I did some short intervals on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes and then headed to the step mill ( rotating stairs) for 20 minutes. It was pretty much torture. I loved it only when I was done. I knew it was a pumpin' workout because I could still feel ( and I swear HEAR) my heart beating 15 minutes after I was done and in the car. I even had flushed cheeks which is not a normal occurrence due to the hue of my skin!
After that I worked my Totally Toned class over. I joined in the fun and used the heavier weights for the workout. I will count that as a full body workout for sure.

I have still been downing the gallon of water these days and tracking my meals, just not feeling like posting them. I should be back to that next week-maybe!

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