Thursday, August 13, 2009

Does exercising your jaws count??

I went to the gym today. I was all motivated to lift weights and do some tough cardio intervals. Well it turns out I left my motivation somewhere else today. I did not workout. Well, maybe my jaws. I ran into 2 friends and I ended up talking for a bit under an hour. I ended up doing some lame stretches and then calling it a day. The good news is my kids got some activity. Amara ran at least a half mile if not more with the other kids in the Kid Zone. That was fun to watch. Miles exercised his lungs for a bit in the Toddler Zone after I dropped him off, but then he quieted down when he saw all the trucks and choo-choo trains to keep him occupied and forgot all about me.

I probably needed the break or something. Although I am sure the workout bug will hit me later on today and I will find my motivation to do something. I hope so, I already feel blah for just hanging out at the gym and not doing anything productive. Although catching up with friends should be added to my To-Do list. A good gab or gossip session is good for the soul!

Hopefully I will be back to blog about my awesome workout I will get to, and if not that's OK too. Rest days are good. Rest days are good. Rest days are good!

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