Friday, August 14, 2009

Change of marathon training plans???

I hope this post does not come across too selfish, but here it goes.

I have prepared all week long to run my 18 miles all by myself, until I found a sitter at the last minute. I was overjoyed that I could join my running crazies on Saturday to run though the pain with them.

I even had my carb filled baked spaghetti on Thursday for dinner to help fuel my insane miles on Saturday.

There might be a change of plans though. Miles woke up last night at around 1am. He has been teething and we have been waiting for him to wake up at some point. I thought last night was the night. I went to his room-he was not warm and he said his teeth did not hurt ( but he's not even 2), but he did say " Miles medicine" so I gave him some Motrin just to be safe. He slept until 7am. Matt got up with him so I could get some sleep. Not for long though. Amara came in the room before 8am to inform me that " Miles threw up!" Oh no.....

My first thought was not a selfish one though. I was in full momma bear mode. Must. protect. baby. When I got there Matt was holding Miles. Matt had vomit on his arm and legs and the couch was covered. Miles looked like his usual happy-self and said " hi mommy". I got to work cleaning up my boys, the floor and the couch and the library books ( ewww).

With kids you never really know if they are truly sick until it happens a few more times. This throw up might have been a fluke. Not to be totally gross, but it did not smell like sickness. It smelled like the milk he just chugged down 10 minutes prior.

All is back to normal for the most part. Miles ate an apple and water for breakfast ( no more dairy today..sorry kiddo) and miscellaneous dry cereal pieces. He is still the dancing machine and show off we have come to love. So his behavior leads me to believe that this was a one time deal, but only time will tell.

OK, in to the selfish part. Matt and I had a double date tonight , with actual grown ups and dinner and adult interaction. I was going to have sushi for the first time in my life. A possible new job is on the line as well. I was getting excited to meet new people. Getting excited to wear non-workout clothes and running shoes. This was going to be the first time in August that I put make-up on! Why today? Why now? OK now that that is out of my system.

We can always meet at a different time. I can try and do my long run on Sunday. I really did not even give it a second thought. This is my job and I love it. I take of my family and they ALWAYS come first. No matter what.

I hope my baby boy is OK. Not because I had plans tonight, but because nothing makes me more sad then a sick baby. It literally breaks my heart into pieces.

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