Monday, July 20, 2009

Mission Monday

My mission is over so I need to decide on my next one. I have a few races lined up but nothing set in stone. I might make the next mission another duathlon in August ( with a working bike) or the marathon. I need to think long and hard about this though. The marathon that is.
I am really liking this biking thing though. I love to tackle things that I am not good at and become competitive at it. By competitive I mean by my own standards!
I might take this week off from riding the bike and hop on some gym equipment and pick up the weights again while I decide what I want to do.


Heather said...

I'd suggest the Chicago marathon but it closed a little more than a month ago! Isnt that nuts! I say go for another Du!

Nice job yesterday even with the obstacles!

Anxiously awaiting your next mission :) Mine's a wedding. That counts right?

FitCrazedMomma said...

Thanks! I had the opportunity to do Chicago-but I guess I blew it!!I can do the Grand Rapids( Oct. 18) or the half...oh decisions, decisions!
You bet the wedding is a Mission!