Monday, July 27, 2009

Mission Monday

It's difficult to train for a mission when I am not exactly sure what the heck I am training for!
I did the best I could considering.

Tuesday I did my long run instead of going to running club for the speed workout. I ran 12 lonely miles. It was not too bad. I did it in exactly 2 hours so my pace averaged out to 10 minute miles. Later that day I taught a class and took a class. Cardio overload. I know. I have issues.

Wednesday I think I took the day off. I cannot remember doing anything at all. It pays to write things down as you go. Note to self...... Just remembered-I taught a class!

Thursday I took a kickboxing class.

Friday I finally got back on the bike. It's fixed ( for now). No flat tires or anything. I rode 15.5 in about 60 minutes.

Saturday I ran 14 miles with my running club. The people I ran with were crazy fast. So that means that I had to be too. We ran at an 8:42/ mile pace. That is like running a race speed. I am not exactly sure why we ran that fast- I told them over and over that we should probably slow down. They agreed and would slow down and eventually we would get back to the faster pace. It was good though. Maybe I need to run like that more often?!?! Who knows.....

Sunday I did a kickboxing class.

Monday ( today). I will teach Spinning and a toning class.

I plan on getting back to a normal weight lifting schedule. I always take a few weeks off every 4-6 months or so. It's good for the body to give it a rest every now and again!
I also love to prove this point to people that are trying to lose weight-- even with all of this cardio I am doing, if my eating habits are not at a deficit ( burning more calories than I am eating), then I will not lose any weight. Because I am putting a conscious effort into my eating habits these past few weeks I am down about 2 lbs since starting Body After Baby. For right now, that is realistic for me. Losing weight happens in the kitchen when done properly! I would love to lose about 5 more lbs. of fat, but I know with my specific trainings that I need to sustain my energy for performance. That is priority for me. It might take me longer than the Average Joe to reach my weight loss goals, but I am practicing patience. Remember I am a mother of 2!
This week I am playing around with my eating to see if I can drop 1/2 lb to 1 lb and still be able to run and bike lots of miles while maintaining my energy! We'll see how that goes!


Andrea said...

Oh geez! I am just getting started and I think I just got tired from reading your blog. LOL! Good job and keep it up.

FitCrazedMomma said...

I'm tired too girl! :)