Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CamelBak Hydration Pack Review

I would like to review my fanny pack. You thought they went out of style didn't you??? Nope!

I actually never thought I would be caught dead wearing a fanny pack-ever. Even when they were "cool" I never had one. I was wrong. A few years ago while training for a marathon I had to do a long run by myself. I probably was running 12-15 miles. I had no way to get hydration besides running a continuous loop by my house so I could go home and get a drink a few times. Running lots of miles alone is hard enough then doing it on a way boring route.

My husband and I ended up going to a sporting goods store the night before the long run ( my middle name is Procrastinate in case you were wondering), and found the CamelBak Montara . I didn't really want it at all, but I knew I needed something and I had heard good things about it. Mine is purple and grey. The thing I like about this pack is that it is adjustable and it does not shift and jostle until it's almost empty. That's not a problem though. With a simple adjustment ( that can be done whilst running) I just make it tighter and problem solved. I can also put my keys and running fuel in the pack without a worry. The biggest con about these packs is probably cleaning the tubes well enough. I did buy the specialty pipe cleaner ( it once got stuck in the tube), and the cleaning tablets as well. They seem to do a good enough job. You just need to make sure it dries properly or you might end up getting chunks of mold in your sip. That has never happened to me (yet), only because I clean the tube before each use and check it for hunks of mold or other debris. I recommend CamelBak hydration packs!

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