Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Powerbar Recovery Sports Drink Review

I use PowerBar Recovery whenever I run over 10 miles. I use the orange flavor. It's actually not bad at all! I am not that picky when it comes to stuff like this though. I can say that before I started using more aids then just plain water or even just Gatorade to replenish after a long run- I felt a huge change, this stuff works!! I can notice the biggest difference later in the day and for sure the day after a long run exceeding 10 miles. I am not sure why 10 miles is the magic number for me, but anything less than that I don't feel I need to use this drink. I fully recommend this drink to anyone. It has added protein which is not common among sports drinks. I am sure I have plenty of muscles that needs to be repaired and cared for after running so I really like that it has protein and not just carbohydrates.

**Proper hydration is essential for any athlete striving to maintain performance during a training session or workout. Dehydration and over hydration are both valid concerns for athletes who exercise for an extended period of time. The PowerBar® Beverage System works hard to help serious athletes avoid the dangers of either state with a beverage that addresses hydration needs during training and in recovery. PowerBar® Endurance sports drink has PowerBar® C2 MAX for optimum carbohydrate delivery to muscles and the PowerBar® Recovery beverage contains a carb-whey protein isolate blend, sodium, and magnesium to help restore key nutrients lost during training or competition.
PowerBar® Endurance sport drink features the C2 MAX optimized carb blend and provides 380mg of sodium per 16. fl. oz serving.
PowerBar® Recovery beverage delivers 40g carbs, 6g protein and 500mg of sodium per 16 fl. oz serving. **

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